It's been a while!

Only a year. Not too bad right? LOL!
Of course we have had fun around here. Emma finished her 2nd year of preschool and will be starting Kindergarten this month. HOLY CRAP!! Emma is going to Kindergarten! She is going to Quest Academy. Her teacher is Mrs. McBride. She will be in the AM class. She is so excited about starting school. She will miss her wonderful Preschool teachers. She has also been doing dance this summer. We are getting ready for her 2nd recital. She got to participate in 2 parades this summer.
Lexi is our goofball. She seriously comes up with some of the funniest phrases and knocks us on our butts laughing. She has hit 2, but it hasn't been so terrible, so that's a relief :) She absolutely LOVES her sister. She has to do and say everything Emma does. More to come when I have more time and pictures.

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