Hopefully they won't get mad at me for this, but I am so excited. My younger brother Justin and his girlfriend Allie are ENGAGED!!!! They are so meant to be together. They met while Justin was on his mission in Montreal Canada. Her dad was a bishop in the area he was serving. And about a week after he came home, they were officially dating. Now a year and a couple months later they are GETTING MARRIED!! They have not set a date yet. But this is a picture of her georgous ring!!It is so pretty!! I am so excited for you guys. This just means Emma gets another Aunt when she gets here. YAY!!!!!!!


Peanuts New Name

Yep its a GIRL!! Her name as of now is Emma K Petersen. We picked a middle inital, K stands for Kristine, Brock's mom's name but we thought Emma Kristine Petersen was too long so we went witha K. We had our ultrasound on Friday May 1st our Anniversary. It was so cool to see that. Brock was facinated with seeing her move and the detail of the ultrasounds. The radiologist when viewing the gender said that we could not ask for a better view to tell us. I was kind of shocked because I was convinced it was a boy. Brock says he knew it was a girl the whole time. The gender shot was the only shot she cooperatied really well with, the 4D shots she would not give us a view of her face but I love this picutre both of her hands by her face, she sleeps like I do. I always have my hands by my face when I sleep. He says this is the best anniversary gift ever to be getting a baby girl. We went shopping and I can see that this is going to be a problem in the future. I had to keep Brock under control. First we went to register at Babies R Us and then we bought some clothes to start our stash.

I love this shot when the radiologist was trying to view her spine to make sure everything look ok she started arching her back and strarted stretching and we got to watch her do that! It was so sweet, I told Brock that she stretched just like he does. When all was said and done the radiologist said everything looked great and she was measuring 2 days ahead of schedule at about 12 oz and between 9 and a half to 10 inches. And to top it all off Saturday night we were watching a movie at BJ and Zoey's house and she was kicking and Brock got to feel her kick for the first time. It was such an awesome weekend!!!!!!