Emma's Room

This Little Miss is so loved already...... here are just a few pictures of her room. It will look better when we get some picures up and other decorations.

Peach Days!!

I LOVE PEACH DAYS!!!!!! We do the fireman's pancake breakfast and the parade then of coure the booths and you always have to have some peach cobbler!! We did it all this year, even though all the walking did not send me into labor. (dang!)

I am so proud of my cute fireman!! I turn into such a cry baby when i see him driving the firetruck in the parade so proudly! Next year he will have Emma with him in the truck, you can bet i will be crying then too.

BJ is driving this mustang with his sister-in-law Whitley on top who ran for Peach Queen. Bummer for BJ huh? Can't tell by the mischievous grin on his face!

Thanksgiving Point Dinosuar Museum

So we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point on Labor Day which was so fun! Just to two of us, there were some amazing dino skeletons there.