Brock and Court on the gondola going up to the top of the mountain in Teton Village

Brock on the alpine slide

Fourth of July

We are kind of back tracking a little but these are picures from our trip to Jackson Hole, Wy for the fourth of July. We had so much fun. We went to see the Bar J Wranglers and ate their Chuckwagon dinner. They were hilarious. We watched the fireworks from the park there. And of course we shopped. We also went to Teton Village and rode the Gondola up to the ski lodge there. Then we went back to Jackson and rode the Alpine slide. It was Court's first time on the slide. We really enjoyed ourselves. We stayed at the Rustic Inn at Jackson Hole. That may have been our first and last time staying there. We had quite a few interesting interruptions while there. First the cleaning ladies would come at 8:00 a.m. and knock on the door, come to find out that we were supposed to have a "do not disturb" sign to place outside but our room did not come with one. The one morning we wanted to call to the front desk to see when breakfast ended and out phone in the room did not work, and when it did it rang at 3:00 in the morning for one reason or another. Maybe the front desk was supposed to send a wake-up call to another room and dialed ours instead. Who knows?? And last but not least, the people next to us, their door would squeek when they would come in and out, and they would come in and out a lot! At about 7:30 every morning. Now don't get me wrong, we really did have a fun trip. It was just ironic some of the things that had happened while staying there. Plus it was a new hotel, probably still working out the kinks. Anyways, here are some more picures.

First Day of School!!

Well Brock started school on Augutst 4. This is his "First week of school" picutre. He has had a good first and second week. His first class is half way over. Each class only lasts four weeks. Isn't he so cute!!