Bees Game!

On Saturday August 22 we went to a Salt Lake Bees game with my parents and Justin and Allie. When we first got to the game we had seats in the 100+ degree weather which was not the funnest but once the game started the sun had gone down below the staduim so it started to cool off after that. In the first inning the bees scored 8 runs and they didn't score another run the rest of the game but they still won 8-2 against the Las Vegas 51's. Plus the big bonus was there were fireworks after the game. (Don't mind my blue teeth, that was from the snow cone)

Yellowstone and Bar J Wranglers

This was our trip to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Bar J Wranglers. We had so much fun! We went into Yellowstone park and up the east side of the first loop toward the Yellowstone falls which the picture above is the upper falls which is actually the shorter of the two falls. They were both Breathtaking. The upper falls was a 109 feet drop and the lower falls had a drop of 308 feet which was unbelievable! The next day we went to Bar J Wranglers which if you haven't been to see them you should go. They are a dinner and cowboy comedy show, and I can tell you we have been the last two years and have not been disappointed either time. The food is served chuckwagon style and you would think that having food served in mass quantities like that may not be very good, but it was actually way good food. The show was HILARIOUS! They sing old cowboy campfire songs along with comedy.

They are just aboslutely amaxing. It is so much fun every time we go. When we were driving in Jackson we passed this smart car that was parked perpendicular to the curb when all the other cars were parked parallel. Now Brock absolutely loves these smart cars and wants one so when he saw this he was that much more in awe of them.