Check up for 30 weeks

Here is our ultrasound pics from todays appointment. Our little girl is growing. The dr said she was measuring about 3 lbs 14 oz today. Just a little above average.  She is a wiggle worm these days. Next appointment is in 2 weeks so hopefully more pics then.



"Pretty Purple Princess Rapunzel Dress" Night

So the title of this Post is "Pretty Purple Princess Rapunzel Dress" Saturday night we were able to go with Rod and Kris to take Emma to her first Disney on Ice experience. HOLY COW did she have fun. We were sure how excited she would get never having been to one of these before. She LOVED it. The night before we went Kris told her what we were doing and then we watched a video preview on the ESA website. Emma watched that video at least a dozen times Friday night. She was so excited. The first thing she asked me when she woke up is "Where are Mugga and Pappa?" She knew they were supposed to be there that day to take us to the Show. Once the time finally arrived for us to leave. We went to Toys R Us to get her a princess dress to wear to the Show, then we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. (YUMMY!) This first picture is once we got to Salt Lake and Parked. She told Pappa that she was in her "Pretty Purple Princess Rapunzel Dress" (funny thing is she didn't even get tongue-tied when saying that either)
Don't mind her Goofy smile, she was distracted by all of the other people coming in.
 With her pretty princess crown
 Waving her little heart out at Minnie and Mickey hoping they would wave back to her
 The show started with The Princess and The Frog
 Tiana and Prince Naveen after they were turned into Frogs 
 Dancing to the "Evangeline" Song
 Ray the Lightning Bug
 Tiana and Louis the Gator
 Mamma Odie and her flamingos singing and dancing
Emma was so excited when Cinderella came out! 
 Jaq and Gus Gus
"We'll Make a Lovely Dress for Cinderelly" 
 "Bippity Boppity Boo"
 The whole time The Fairy Godmother was on the ice Emma had her wand held high.
 I wish we had a better picture of these Horse Costumes. They were absolutely STUNNING!
Cinderella in her Carriage 
 When the Prince was dancing at the ball with the other Ladies before Cinderella got there, Emma was seriously in a panic because she couldn't find Cinderella.
 Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
 This was the only non fuzzy picture we got of  Flynn and Rapunzel flying on her hair. There was some amazing choreography going on up in the air.
 At the Snuggly Duckling
 Rapunzel fixing Flynn's hand. "Flower Gleam and Glow..."
 The Floating Lanterns. They sang "Now That I See You" and the most captivating part was watching Emma sing the words right along with the cast. Brought a tear to Mommy's eye.
 At the end, they brought out More Princesses that were not apart of the stories to crown Rapunzel and Official Disney Princess. There was Belle, Aurora, Mulan, Jasmine, Ariel, and Snow White. Emma was just beside herself with excitement
 Princess Emma in her Royal Lego Carriage
 ~The Party Group~
 Mugga and Pappa with their Little Princess
At the end of the show we had people all around us telling us how much fun they had watching Emma, seeing her so excited about all of it and dancing, and how cute she was. She definitely leaves an impression on people. She is such a Happy-Go-Lucky girl. We sometimes can't get over how amazing and sweet she is and how Lucky we are to have her.
I found this saying on Pinterest that goes:
"My Daughter Is Super Awesome and I'm the Lucky one because I get to be her Mamma" 
Words have never rang more true to me since I had her.