May in Mesquite

Ok my co-workers will be not happy with this entry but it was the funnest weekend i have ever spent without Brock. We went as a department down to Mesquite, NV. We stayed in these condos that had this private pool. We soaked up the sun, we gambled, and some of us ate our body weight in crab legs. We have all decided to make this an annual trip. The gals taught me how to gamble at the black jack tables. All of us that played came out ahead, the least was $30 ahead and the most was $80 ahead.

February 08

Justin came home from serving faithfully in Montreal, Canada. His flight came in at like 10:49 at night. Those present when he came home were Mom, Dad, Brock, and I, my aunt Karen and her Boys, my cousins Blake and Lacey. It was a very happy/emotional homecoming. The next couple of days our family from Boise came to visit.

Christmas 2007

For Christmas we were in California with the Haworth side.
It was way fun. We stayed at Grammie and Grandpa's house.
We went to a Christmas party at WD and Christine's house where Brock and I met Zacky for the first time. Boy is he cute. We also went to Ventura and walked along the beach. The temperature was 71 degrees!! Brock and I were ready to move there with weather like that.

What we are up to

Well so far this year has been pretty uneventful. But here are the things that have happened.