38 Weeks

I had my last check up today for Baby comes. No change this week. Dr said he would be surprised if I changed much more before I actually have her. His weight estimation for her this week on the ultrasound was 8lbs 11oz. He says he thinks thats a little high, but he did estimate just by feeling that she is somewhere between 8 and 8.5 lbs. She may be a Chunky Monkey when she comes out. She has definately not slowed down in movement, she's just gotten stronger. 8 days left!!
Since I haven't been able to send any ultrasound pictures lately I thought I would include this picture of Emma helping Daddy mow the lawn :)


37 Weeks

So I've made it to 37 weeks now. I didn't post last week because there was really nothing to update. Today I am dialated to about 3cm and about 60% effaced. Dr says the baby is measuring about 7.5lbs. We have our induction date scheduled for the morning of May 23rd.  In other news We celebrated our 9th Anniversary last week. Brock took his 2.5 favorite girls to Timbermine for dinner Yum Yum! Also Brock got a new DSLR camera so he has been playing around with that and learning about how to work it.