2nd Appointment

We had another appointment on Monday, Nov 26th. I LOVE that the Dr I go to does ultrasounds at each visit. We are hoping that at our next appointment we will see the gender!! This pregnancy has been quite different from my last one. With Emma I was had nausea and fatigue for about 4 weeks is all. With this one the nausea and fatigue set in at about 4.5/5 weeks and the nausea is starting to die down but the fatigue is still persistent. Needless to say I am thankful that I can stay home and that Emma still naps for 1.5-2hrs each day. We are so excited for this little one's arrival. But I am SO nervous about being a parent to 2 children. I am worried that Emma will feel neglected, also I am worried about how much she is going to want to "help" with the baby. I am all for some help of course, but I am worried about when she wants to pick up the baby and wants to carry it downstairs because she sees mommy doing it. I have no doubt that she is going to be an AMAZING big sister. She is going to LOVE her little brother or sister so much. She gets so excited when we get to see the baby in an ultrasound.