Pretty Princess Chair

First time opening presents

"Look Daddy!"

Emma on her actual Birthday with her Balloon

"No more pictures PLEASE!"

New bath toy

My spoils from Mommy & Daddy

Getting frustrated waiting

Mommy got these boots on her 1st birthday back in 1985.

She is not too sure about Dustin

Presents from Great-Great-Grandma Mary Haworth

Singing "Happy Birthday"

She didn't like the frosting on her hands too much

Great-Grandma Jackie and Bill

Uncle Bob and Aunt Zoey

Uncle Tyler anbd Aunt Rebecca

Uncle Dustin and Aunt Echo (Honorary)

Great-Grammie and Great-Grandpa Haworth

Grandma and Grandpa Haworth

Grandma and Grandpa Petersen

Great Scott, Kimber and Kenna Ursenbach

Uncle Justin

And of course Mommy and Daddy