2nd Appointment

We had another appointment on Monday, Nov 26th. I LOVE that the Dr I go to does ultrasounds at each visit. We are hoping that at our next appointment we will see the gender!! This pregnancy has been quite different from my last one. With Emma I was had nausea and fatigue for about 4 weeks is all. With this one the nausea and fatigue set in at about 4.5/5 weeks and the nausea is starting to die down but the fatigue is still persistent. Needless to say I am thankful that I can stay home and that Emma still naps for 1.5-2hrs each day. We are so excited for this little one's arrival. But I am SO nervous about being a parent to 2 children. I am worried that Emma will feel neglected, also I am worried about how much she is going to want to "help" with the baby. I am all for some help of course, but I am worried about when she wants to pick up the baby and wants to carry it downstairs because she sees mommy doing it. I have no doubt that she is going to be an AMAZING big sister. She is going to LOVE her little brother or sister so much. She gets so excited when we get to see the baby in an ultrasound.


Pink or Blue.....Mommy's due with baby #2!
Emma's going to be a big sister!
ETA: May 29 2013



The "Quarian" (Aquarium)

While we were in Phoenix, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium. Emma calls it the "Quarian" (hence the title)  Now this Aquarium is located inside a Mall, that just tells you how big this Mall is :)

Grandma and Emma in a viewing bubble.

Sting rays

Emma in a Shark mouth, she wasn't scared at all. I was surprised

Grandpa, Emma, and Mommy sitting in the 360 viewing tube

Emma watching the fish and sharks and rays through the floor of the 360 viewing tube

A dinosaur skeleton in the water. After the aquarium we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, which was also located in the Mall. Emma wasn't too sure about the "rain storms" that occurred in the cafe. If you have never been to one, they have lots of anamatronic animals like gorillas, leopards, birds, and elephants. When the rain storm starts the animals start moving and making noises. I love it but she wasn't too sure.

Baby Landon

My sweet little nephew Landon Justin Haworth joined this world a month before his due date. He was perfectly healthy at 6 lbs 3.9 oz and 19 in long. He is so cute! I am so excited to be an aunt finally! He looks so much like my Brother Justin when Justin was a baby.

After Emma's birthday, she and I were able to go back to Phoenix with my parents and see my little nephew. So here is a picture of Emma and her very first cousin :)

Giving Baby Landon kisses! She really didn't know what to do with him, this was about all the attention she would give him. She's never really been around babies.

Emma's 3rd Birthday

HOLY MOLY!! My baby is 3 years old! 
On September 30th we had a birthday party for our little Emma. It was balloon themed. We tried to pay some balloon games, but the wind wouldn't cooperate with all of the games.

Our big girl waiting to open her presents. And boy did she get a lot!

She was laughing at daddy, he was modeling her clothes

This card was from my Brother and Sister-in-law. It has Ariel on it and when you push a button Ariel's tail dances to "Under the Sea" Emma loved that thing.

When we lit her candles, and before we sang "Happy Birthday" she blew them out, so we had to re-light them so we could sing. Silly Girl!


This is how she shows us that she's 3! I love how she does it. I hope she never changes it.


Peach Days 2012

Ahhh, Peach days. It was this weekend 10 years ago that Brock and I were "spying" on each other at the car show because both of us were too shy to talk to the other. This year we went up on friday night, Brock had to work on Saturday :( , and watched the kids parade and honestly I may watch that one from now on it so much shorter. We go for the fire trucks and thats about it. But after that we walked to booths and waited for Tyler, Rebecca, Rod and Kris to show up and we had some dinner, then Rod bought Emma tickets to ride the rides and we did that for about and hour and a half. She LOVED it!

At the parade

Emma and Pappa on the Merry-go-round

On the Ferris Wheel

On a Dragon Ride

On the "Monster Trucks" *Sorry its a little fuzzy.

Summer 2012

*Warning Picture Overload*

We have had a fun summer.

Emma's water toys

Sitting like Daddy
*Northern Utah Parade of Homes. We were hoping to go and find some fun ideas for our house, and boy did we ever.
Silly Mirror
Emma taking pictures
Cute Bedroom paint idea
This is a Bathtub!!
Very fun chandelier
*Emma's first bee sting-On the 4th of July no less :(
Stinger from her finger :(
*This Girl LOVES the dirt. We get this at least once a week. A cute dirty face.

Brock and Emma on the 4wheeler, she wanted to ride it about 10 times a day
Digging with Uncle Jerry. She took to him right away. Everything she wanted to say, she would direct to him. "Uncle Jerry, that's the 4wheeler" "Uncle Jerry, you scoop(dig) with me?" etc.
Helping Pappa burn the trash.
*You might be a redneck if......*
.....you strap your child's carseat to the front of the 4wheeler so she is safe. And believe me that thing wasn't going anywhere. ~He only rode with her around the campground like this~
She loved it. She kept wanting to go again and again.