First time in the snow!

The first official snow fall of the season and Emma is getting her gear on to go enjoy it with daddy.

Not to sure about sitting in the snow and besides she can't get up which she hates too.


Daddy built this snow slide for Emma to ride down on her sled

She like the end more that the ride down

Another sled to be pulled around in
An Emma Angel

San Diego

The three of us in front of the San Diego Temple

My Brother's cuff links......Yep the are autobots from Transformers

Emma absolutely LOVES the ocean. It runs in the family. She was squealing with joy then entire time.

Emma and Me at Seaport Village

Just Chillin

An aircraft carrier at Mirimar

Another aircraft carrier

This was a cafe along the bay in Seaport Village.

All tuckered out.

Ahhh....Yummy Tommy's! It is a Burger joint that has the best chili cheeseburgers ever!

Justin & Allison's Wedding

My little brother Justin and his fiance Allison finally got married November 20, 2010 in the San Diego LDS Temple. They had a long process cause she is from Canada and it took quite a while to get her Visa to come through so they could get married and live her in the USA. But on the day of the wedding i was raining all morning and throughout the ceremony but the minute they walked out to greet everyone it stopped and they only had a few sprinkles during pictures. Someone was watching out for them!

The cute groom. That bouquet was dang heavy!

Sealed for Time and all Eternity.......If she can stand him that long. :)

Allie and her family

My parents with Justin and Allie

Always showing off

Leaves are Falling

Raking the fallen leaves

Cheese and Crackers

This funny little girl loves those little cheese and cracker snacks, well just the cheese!

Halloween 2010

Emma was a cute little Ladybug for Halloween this year.

Oh yeah, she LOVES suckers!