It's been a while!!

Ok so its been a while since I've updated but I didn't think a lot had gone on until I looked at my camera and had a bunch of pictures on it and then I realized that there was actually quite a bit that has happened. So Emma is crawling all over the place (man that girl has a lot of energy!) and she is pulling herself up to EVERYTHING!! She loves to walk and run with someone holding her hands but she lacks the confidence to do it by herself. If her fear was not there she would be walking. She also LOVES to be outside doing anything (except sit still). She is 9 months now and weighing about 19-20 pounds. We don't see the dr again til september for her 1 year checkup. Brock and I are doing the same stuff, we are not the exciting ones obviously, ask any of our family members. We have a new addition to the family, a beautiful new (well new to us) truck. 2003 chevy 3/4 ton I think? I am not the auto-person here! But it is a beautiful color blue with lots of upgrades inside!! Well enough typing and on to the pictures.

Playing outside in the beautiful weather

My anniversary flowers!

Playin in my laundry basket

Oh this was so funny, we were in Boise at our hotel and she was so tired that she fell asleep while Brock was standing up holding her, she was head-bobbing and all :)

She loves the tub!

Helping Daddy mow the lawn

Helping Daddy with the leaf blower

The leaf blower got turned on them