Temple Square

At Christmas Brock's Grandma has the parents of the great-grandkids buy them gift(s) to be from her, so Brock thought it would be a fun idea to take Emma to the Build-a-bear store to pick out her own stuffed animals, clothes, shoes, the works. So we made an adventure of it. We rode the frontrunner down to Salt Lake where we met Tyler and Rebecca. She loved riding the train! It was so funny cause as soon as we got out of the car she was so excited, then she was looking out to the street and saw a fire engine and then up in the sky there was an airplane. She was happy as a clam seeing all those big "machines'. Once Emma got the idea of why we were at the build-a-bear store she had so much fun picking stuff. She got a dog with a "Sheriff Woody" outfit which she wouldn't leave the store without and she got a teddy bear with a girly outfit that Brock and I picked for her. Then we went to Temple Square, then to dinner at the delicious Tucanos.

This tree at the Gateway was so COOL, it would change colors.

Picking out her Puppy

Washing her animals with Daddy and Uncle Tyler

Putting in her animals information for their birth certificates, etc.

Riding on the Trax in Downtown SLC

We met a Santa and Buddy the Elf. Emma wasn't too sure about Santa when he got closer than about 2 feet.

Uncle Tyler and Aunt Rebecca

Mommy, Daddy, & Emma. When we were here by the famous "pedestal" we got to watch a proposal take place. It was so romantic and cute.

The Beautiful Lights

Waiting for our table at Tucanos (Yum, Yum!)