Christmas in California

Well I'm not going to get into a long story but we spent the week of Christmas in California. It was Emma's first time flying. We didn't necessarily want to drive 13 hours with a 3 month old. We went to my Great Grandma Haworth's house and Emma got to meet her Great-Great Grandma. So we got to have 5 generations in one picture which was awesome. Then we also did the beach. Emma got to enjoy sand between her toes and she actually liked it. But enough of the story telling and onto the pictures.

On our way to the airport

In our seats on the plane

A cutie at our family Christmas party

Emma and Great-Great Grandma Haworth

5 Generations of Haworths

First time in the Ocean

Matching toes with Mommy and Emma

Brock, Emma, and Me at Laguna Beach

Mom and Dad at Laguna Beach

Justin and Allie at Laguna Beach

Emma's First Christmas

Emma with Grammie and Grandpa Great


Random Pics

These are just some random pics of cute Emma.

Daddy's Little Camo Girl

She was being so cute and funny when I was changing her diaper one day, so i rolled her over an she started lifting her butt in the air and lifting her head.

She and Daddy asleep

Emma tries to hold her own bottle

Emma being such a big girl sitting up and watching TV on her own
She had her two month appointment and she weighed 9lbs and 14oz which put her in the 25% for weight but her height was 23 and one-quarter inch which out her in the 80% mark for height. (Hmmm...... wonder wherer she gets that from?) She had 3 shots in her legs and one oral vaccination. The shots just scared her more than they hurt I think. Daddy had a harder time than Emma did. Next appointment will be her 4 month, more shots and more measuring.


Our First Thanksgiving as a Family

Well now the holidays are officially upon us. We had our first Thanksgiving as a new family. We got together at The Petersen house with Rod, Kris, BJ, Zoey, and Tyler. Rebecca was not able to be with us for dinner. :o( Also joining us was my brother, Justin, my parents were in Boise with my extended family but Justin had to work Friday so he couldn't go up. It was so much fun. Emma slept most of the time, she has a little head cold. The fun part was we ate in the unfinished new addition. It made for a lot more room in the kitchen for dishing our plates. Then later we played this game called "Things" its way fun for a bigger group. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Emma's Blessing Day

So we had Emma's blessing day on November 1st. Brock did an amazing job! Emma's dress was make by Kris when she was pregnant with BJ, her oldest son, in hopes that one day she would have a daughter to use this dress for. Well most know that Brock only has brothers, so this dress has been waiting for a little girl to use it and Emma was the lucky first one to use it. Emma also has a special blessing day blanket that her Aunt Zoey crocheted for her, I don't have a picture of that yet but when I do I will add it to this post. They are both so beautiful!! We were happy to have so many family and friends in attendance for this special day!! Thanks to all those who helped and attended.


My Sweet Emma

This was after her first acutal bath in the tub. She didn't like it so much but she was happier afterward. Plus we just love this towel on her ;op

No more hoses and we are very happy about that!!

When we went to her appointment the Dr said she did not need the oxygen anymore, she weighed 8lbs and 8oz so she gained 10 ounces in a week and a half from when we left the hospital, and she is in the 60% range in her head, weight, and length. We get to go back for her 2 month appt and then we get shots (lucky mom :os). But as you can see she is doing great!


One Crazy Week

Poor Baby Emma with all her tubes and hoses.

Proud New Daddy!

Our Beautiful Emma!!

Finally going home

First bath at home

Daddy-Daughter nap time

My Baby is One Week Old today!!!!

Emma Kristine Petersen

Emma is finally here! She was born on September 27 at 8:25 am. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 20 in long. I was going to be induced on Monday the 28th along with 8 other women so the hospital was going to be busy and we might have not been able to be started that day anyway. Saturday I started having contractions and by that night we were headed to the hospital. I was quite the eventful delivery. Emma had stained the amniotic, wrapped the cord around her neck, and aspirated the fluid when she came out. She had to stay in the NICU while in the hospital. Brock and I were discharged on Tuesday and Emma had to stay til Wednesday morning. Here are some pictures of the steps along the way to getting her home.

Brock and I shortly before Emma was born.

Emma right after she was born.

Our New Family


Emma's Room

This Little Miss is so loved already...... here are just a few pictures of her room. It will look better when we get some picures up and other decorations.

Peach Days!!

I LOVE PEACH DAYS!!!!!! We do the fireman's pancake breakfast and the parade then of coure the booths and you always have to have some peach cobbler!! We did it all this year, even though all the walking did not send me into labor. (dang!)

I am so proud of my cute fireman!! I turn into such a cry baby when i see him driving the firetruck in the parade so proudly! Next year he will have Emma with him in the truck, you can bet i will be crying then too.

BJ is driving this mustang with his sister-in-law Whitley on top who ran for Peach Queen. Bummer for BJ huh? Can't tell by the mischievous grin on his face!

Thanksgiving Point Dinosuar Museum

So we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point on Labor Day which was so fun! Just to two of us, there were some amazing dino skeletons there.