Lexi's Baby Blessing

On September 1, 2013 Lexi was blessed by her daddy. We had many family come to visit that weekend. My grandma, grandma, aunt and cousin came from Boise. My parents came from Phoenix, And Zoey came from Henderson.
 Emma and her new buddy Connor were playing with her make shift campfire. Connor is my cousin. When he was about a year and a half he and his 3 older brothers came with their mom to live with my family when I was younger. Watching this makes me think of all the times I used to play with him and all his fun little boy games. It really melts my heart to see that he has taken to Emma like I took to him when he was little. I wanted nothing more than to be his buddy when he was little. When Brock and I were dating Connor wanted to be Brock's buddy. At 6 years old he used copious amounts of hair gel just get his hair to look like Brock's. When Connor turned 8 he asked Brock to baptize him. 
This picture is literally worth a thousand words to me.
 Rod and Grandma Jackie
 with Brock also
 Kris and Rod
Grandma and Grandpa and a fussy Lexi. 
 Aunt Karen
 Uncle Tyler
 Aunt Zoey
 Randy, Shelly, and Emma
 The Group of people that came to support us.


Dino Museum

We went to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Emma thought it was pretty cool!
 Always such a happy baby!
 She saw some kids climbing on it and taking pictures so we tried to convince her to do the same and she would NOT sit on it. It made her just a little nervous cause it looks pretty real.
 She did NOT want to stand by the Megladon, and neither did I. Brock had to do some strong convincing to get either of us by it. Its HUGE and sharks make me nervous anyway.
 Playing in the sand pit with other kids
Emma's prize. A triceratops named Cera Blue

Box Elder Campground

Since we haven't been able to go camping this year. We decided to take a picnic up to the BE Campground so we could feel like we were camping.
Emma talking on her "Roger" she had a blast talking on Pappa's walkie talkies

Nature walk with Mugga

We had some deer running through the site next to ours. Brock was able to catch this awesome picture of a young fawn. Spots and all :) 
Lexi just chillin'. While we were here she saw Emma running and she just burst out a giggle. Cutest thing ever!! She was about a month and a half old :)
Chowin on some Jimmy John's Sandwiches

Driving her dune buggy :)

 Cooking some marshmallows over the fire. Emma wanted to cook them but when it came to eating she didn't care for the sticky stuff.
Cutest dirty face you'll ever see!!

Boise 2013

Wow! I didn't think I had much to post about until I was looking back through our cameras and see I'm a little behind :)
First post is a trip to Boise for my cousin's Mission Homecoming
 In the car. Heading out. Lexi's first road trip
My adorable Nephew Landon. I hadn't seen him since he was a week old. 
 Emma was sticking close to my Aunt Karen so the chickens wouldn't peck at her toes.
 Emma and Jude. Sadly she is 6 months younger than he is. She's freakishly tall for her age :)
 The 3 "Haworth" grand kids together at last
Grandma and her Grand kids 

The whole group after Blake's Homecoming talk.