Alexis Marie Petersen

Baby Lexi arrived on Thursday May 23, 2013. At 39 weeks and 1 day she was a healthy 9 lbs 3 oz and 21". We decided to have an Elective Induction with her. It was just easier with Brock's and Kris's schedule for work. We got to McKay Dee about 8 am and the Dr. broke my water at about 9:45 and started the Pitocin about 10:00. Brock and I were very nervous because when they broke my water they saw some amniotic fluid staining which meant that she had pooped in the fluid. That was how all of Emma's complictionst started. What made us feel a bit better was the Dr was not concerned about the little bit of staining. The contractions started pretty quickly after Dr Davis broke my water. The nurse who did my IV "bless her heart" was struggling with getting it in. She said I had great veins and it should be easy, well 3 different tries later, she finally got it. That was honestly the WORST part of the whole labor and delivery process. It hurt so bad and 11 days after I still have a bruise :(
At about 1:30 I was at a 5+ dialated and the contractions were starting to get pretty intense and the Anesthesiologist was going to be in a C-Section shortly before that so I got my Epidural, which by the way didn't hurt one bit. :) After that this Momma was Happy Happy Happy! While I was laboring another nurse came in and asked if we wanted to participate in a trial study where they put a heart monitor on the baby's head. Since we had to have this with Emma because of her distress, we were happy to volunteer. We got a free BOX of diapers with it so that was a Bonus! This same nurse had me try a position that she swears helps labor along faster. She had me lay on my left side and put my right leg on the leg rest you use when pushing. Then she had me switch sides every half hour to an hour. Well she was right, at about 4:30ish I was already at a 9+!! Wahoo!! So the nurse got everything prepped and ready for when the Dr showed up from his clinic. Once he got there we were good to do, and after about 5 minutes and 2 contractions later. Lexi was here at 5:37pm.
I LOVED this labor and delivery! We had such a fun atmosphere. There was such a light mood. It was completely different from when Emma was born. I didn't know the Dr because she came on a weekend, and the whole feeling was very clinical. Lexi's delivery was so AMAZING!! I wish everyone had a labor/delivery experience like I did.
Dr Davis joked that if I have another baby I am not allowed to go past 39 weeks if all of my babies are going to be this big :) Because she was so big for being 39 weeks she had to have her blood sugars monitored for the duration of our stay. They said because bigger babies have a higher metabolism they have to have her blood sugars watched closer.
By the way the food at McKay Dee was AWESOME!! Absolutely delicious!!
She is one healthy sized girl :)

 Baby Lexi was wide awake for a while after she was born
Meeting Big Sister Emma for the first time. Emma instantly wanted to help with everything.
 Mommy and her 2 girls
Getting ready to go home from the Hospital