Funny Things Emma Says/Does

Oh my! Emma is so stinkin' funny! We've got her to tell us when she is pooping (not that we need to be informed) and one day she came and told me "Mommy, I poopin" and then she added "Its a big one(grunt, grunt)." Then another time of "Its a Big One" was when we went to Hill AFB to the airplane museum. It was about the airplanes. Lately when she sees one of us on the phone she looks at them and says "Who's that? Its Jerry" Jerry is usually the person Grandma or Grandpa P are talking to or she says "Its Daddy" when she is talking to me. One day at lunch Emma was sitting in her high chair and she looks at BJ (who is just standing there by the microwave), she then laughs and says "Bob is funny!" And last but certainly not least, just today we were driving and she had my phone and she says to Brock. "I texting Daddy!" LOL!!!!! She never ceases to amaze me!