Baby Animal Days in Wellsville

Emma, My Mom, and I went to Baby Animal Days in Wellsville this month and they had baby bears from Bear World in Idaho they were so cute. Emma liked it seeing and touching the animals and being outside. But we got the biggest reaction from here when we saw the Search and Rescue German Shepherd. Anyone who knows Emma knows she LOVES dogs. But she was so funny with that dog she would do her happy scream, you know the real ear piercing scream little girls have. Then we went home and Emma spent the night at my parents house and so Brock and I decided to go out to dinner for our Anniversary a bit early. I went home and got ready to go out and so did he and we were walking out of the house and he asked "Do you want to take your car or mine?" and we usually take his car everywhere and so i said let's take mine. Well we came around the corner of the house and this was his car for the evening............................

OH YEAH BABY!!!! He was able to borrow a 2010 Chevy Camero 2SS (that is what he is pointing to in the picture above). Black and all!! It was one of the most memorable Anniversaries ever (with the exception of last year when we found out Emma's gender) So we went to our usual anniversary dinner place The Timbermine and it was an absolute blast driving that beautiful car!! Happy 6 years to US!!

Easter 2010

So this year Easter actually fell on my Mother-in-Law's b-day so we went out for Breakfast to celebrate and Emma was the Bell of the Ball like she always is when her Aunts and Uncles are involved. But here are some pics of what the Easter Bunny brought her. She had to share her basket with mom and dad. She loves things that sing to here and she absolutely loves books!! I can't wait til next year when she can do an actual Easter Egg Hunt.