Cali Trip 2014 Days 6-10

Day 6 was pretty casual. My grandparents came down to see everyone so here are a couple of them with their great-grandkids.

That night Justin, Allie, Brock and I were able to leave the kids with my parents and have a date night. We went to the bar/restaurant where my Aunt Kim works. My Grandparents and My dad's cousins, Bill and Kristine, came too so they joined us. My Aunt knows that we don't drink but she did set us up with some very YUMMY virgin drinks. Brock had a virgin Mai Thai, Allie and I had a Key Lime Pie Margarita (which was to DIE for) and Justin had a new drink she had made just for him, it was fresh strawberries, and basil muddled together with coconut syrup, and club soda. HOLY MOLY!! His was delightful as well!! My Aunt is a genius when it comes to Drink Mixology (if that's even a word? The food was AMAZING! Everyone's food was delicious! Brock and I still find ourselves dreaming about eating there again ;)
This is an Internet picture of the Balboa Bay Beach Club where my Aunt works. Yeah those are like multi-million dollar yachts that dock there.
 Day 7 the Fourth of July! Well BJ and Zoey saw how much fun we were having down here so they decided to make and overnight trip down from Las Vegas. They came to the beach with us and they had a blast!
 My beautiful Lexi
 My beautiful Emma
 BJ,  Zoey,  Me,  and Brock
 Emma showing off her boogie boarding moves on the sand.
The same day My dad's cousin, Bill, and his family came from Huntington Beach to hang out with us. Their boys Zack and Alex had fun playing in our man made pool in the sand.
A little while later we went back to the condo and put the kids down for a nap, then we had a BBQ before heading back to the beach to watch the firework show at the Pier.
Newport Beach was CRAZY!!! It was almost like watching MTV Spring Break. Near nudity everywhere! Drunk People EVERYWHERE!! Loud music and parties were everywhere! We honestly didn't mind unless it affected or family. It was so much fun to watch they craziness going on there. Throngs of people were walking up and down the street. It was seriously funny watching the drunk people. There was one guy who was so drunk that when he tried to get into a fight with some other guy he ended up falling flat on his back because he couldn't hold himself upright. LOL!!! Luckily that guy was on the sand so he didn't injure himself physically. The parties went on until like 2 or 3 in the morning like every night. But as long as my kids were able to sleep through it and we didn't have any problems come our way I really didn't mind! They were there to have a good time and so were we. We had a blast there in Newport Beach! It is a little more upper class than like downtown LA or some other places along the coast. So we felt pretty safe there with little kids.
The next day we headed back to St George to spend the night, it was our halfway point on our way home. We got to drive through a monsoon between Cali and UT.
On Sunday, after driving over 1900 miles and at least 31 hours, we got back home safe and sound. It was a lot of driving but our girls were troopers for the entire trip! Emma did not complain once about being stuck in her car seat. Lexi would fuss every now and again but what else would you expect from a 13 month old. 

California Trip 2014 Day 6

Our first night and day in Newport Beach. The rental house was like half a block from the sand! The weather was so perfect during the night and the day. The house/condo was only 1 floor it had 4 beds and 2 baths. The master had a king size bed and its own bath. The other 3 beds had queen size and then the other bathroom. The table sat 6 comfortably the kitchen was fully stocked for what we needed (pots pans, silverware, cookware, etc.) I would definitely stay there again in a heartbeat! There was no A/C however it wasn't really necessary. Every room had a fan and when you opened the windows and balcony door the breeze was amazing!
 This was just after we got there, it was like 10:30 at night and the kiddos did surprisingly well for being up that late. My kids normally go to bed around 8:30 so this was really late for them. My mom had handed out beach bag for each of the kids that came with swimwear and toys and sunglasses and other stuff to use at the beach.
 First thing in the morning my parents took Emma to the beach to find sea shells and explore. It was so nice for her and them to be able to spend that quality time with her. She had a blast! She came back soaked from head to toe. They learned that for the next they would take her down in her swimsuit :)
 Jumping in the waves with Grandma
 Running on the beach
 Emma's name in the sand. She wrote it all by herself
 Lexi's very first time to the beach!
 She wasn't too sure about the water
 Emma and Daddy playing in the waves

 Daddy teaching Emma how to boogie board!
 That was as far as she got. She actually did pretty good letting the waves crash on her and over her face.
Emma and Daddy's sandcastle!

California Trip 2014 Days 1-5

June 27th we left our house for a 10 day vacation. Our first stop was Henderson, NV to spend some time with BJ and Zoey. We went to Breakfast on Sat morning in Bolder then we went on a train ride while in Bolder. That afternoon we took the girls to a Splash Pad there in Henderson. Then on Sunday morning we left there to head to My grandparents house in Quartz Hill, CA. We spent some time with them Sunday afternoon/evening just relaxing, then on Monday we went to the LA Zoo. I have been going there since I was just little. It was so fun for my grandparents to take my girls to the zoo just like they used to take me. Tuesday July 1st we headed North about 4 hours to my Great-Grandma Mary's house. She got to see her only 3 great-great-grandchildren. It really is an amazing thing to know there are 5 generations of my family still on this earth. These are the from pictures that day.
 Emma and my Nephew Landon. They hadn't seen each other in person since last September.
 They had so much fun playing together on this trip.
 4 of the 5 generations (my Grandparents stayed home)
 Our little fam in front of the Large Morro Rock.
 My parents and their grandkids. This was the best picture out of like 10, and my girls are pointing in two different directions :)
Justin, Allie, and Landon
That night we headed south about 4.5 hrs to Newport Beach where we would remain for the rest of our time in California.

Lexi's 1 year photos

Lexi's One year photos taken by the very talented Shelby Berchtold. She is on facebook, search Simple Shelby Photography, if you are interested in having her take pictures for you.

Its been a while....

Well, since its been like 9 months since I last posted rather than making a ton of posts to try to catch up I'll just summarize. Well since then we celebrates just about every event in our normal lives, birthdays, anniversary, holidays, etc. I am hoping to do better in the future. I LOVE to scrapbook, but I don't have to time or money to keep up with it. My scrapbook is currently behind, I mean like when Emma was 18 months old behind :) So this can be like my digital scrapbook.