Christmas in California

Well I'm not going to get into a long story but we spent the week of Christmas in California. It was Emma's first time flying. We didn't necessarily want to drive 13 hours with a 3 month old. We went to my Great Grandma Haworth's house and Emma got to meet her Great-Great Grandma. So we got to have 5 generations in one picture which was awesome. Then we also did the beach. Emma got to enjoy sand between her toes and she actually liked it. But enough of the story telling and onto the pictures.

On our way to the airport

In our seats on the plane

A cutie at our family Christmas party

Emma and Great-Great Grandma Haworth

5 Generations of Haworths

First time in the Ocean

Matching toes with Mommy and Emma

Brock, Emma, and Me at Laguna Beach

Mom and Dad at Laguna Beach

Justin and Allie at Laguna Beach

Emma's First Christmas

Emma with Grammie and Grandpa Great


Random Pics

These are just some random pics of cute Emma.

Daddy's Little Camo Girl

She was being so cute and funny when I was changing her diaper one day, so i rolled her over an she started lifting her butt in the air and lifting her head.

She and Daddy asleep

Emma tries to hold her own bottle

Emma being such a big girl sitting up and watching TV on her own
She had her two month appointment and she weighed 9lbs and 14oz which put her in the 25% for weight but her height was 23 and one-quarter inch which out her in the 80% mark for height. (Hmmm...... wonder wherer she gets that from?) She had 3 shots in her legs and one oral vaccination. The shots just scared her more than they hurt I think. Daddy had a harder time than Emma did. Next appointment will be her 4 month, more shots and more measuring.