Wow!! So much to say about what has been going on lately! We finally moved into our new house on April 28-29th weekend. The first day/night we were there I didn't feel like it was a strange place, which was nice. It felt like home immediately! So that meant that we got to celebrate our 8th anniversary in our new house on May 1st. We have had some problems crop up here and there but, thankfully, nothing too severe. A couple sprinkler heads here and there and a couple of broken sprinkler pipes. (Luckily the dirt here in Roy is sand--no rocks like Brigham). One negative is that we don't have TV or Internet but that is ok, for now :) I have been just going to McDonalds to check up on things. Emma gets to play in the playplace while I surf the net for a little bit. Today we had a LOVELY water leak in our basement and we found out it is because the seal is broke somewhere where the tile and the shower pan meet so we have to re-caulk that and hopefully we can redo our shower this winter. Emma loves our huge yard. She has a fair amount of toys that she plays with but her favorite passtime is squishing bugs! YUCK!! My parents were able to come visit this last weekend. We felt so good that we were able to offer them a place to sleep rather than ask them to stay in a hotel. We went to the zoo and the city creek center. That was so much fun! Emma has been coming up with interesting thing to say, like if I am getting after her she will tell me "Ok, Ok, Calm down" in a soft voice. Then we were getting her into her carseat and that is kind of a game for her to see how long it takes us to get her in by asking nicely. Now Brock was getting her in and he doesn't lose his cool too often with her but even he was getting frustrated and once he got her it she was not happy and she says to us "This is TERRIBLE!" in a fussy voice. Oh boy. Well that is enough for now. Hopefully I can come back and blog again soon. Maybe with pictures this time