Appointment #4

Today we had our Target Ultrasound. It was so cool to watch. She was moving around so much that we got to see it on the screen. We got some awesome shots of her face. The Radiologist said everything was looking great with the baby. She said the baby was measuring about 4 days ahead of schedule (Emma was the same way) The baby measured about 1 lb 6 oz.

 She looks just like her Big Sister

 This is her arm, shoulder is on the upper right.
 Nice profile view, above her forehead is her hand. She had on hand resting up by her head and the other resting down by her side
 The picture confirming that in fact she is a GIRL

Hardware Ranch

I can't even begin to tell you how long Pappa has been waiting to take Emma to Hardware Ranch to see the Elk. We finally had a good weekend with snow and Elk to see.

 Emma wasn't too sure about standing right next to the horses like that. She kept her eye on them.

 Afterward we wanted to take Emma sledding somewhere, luckily we found a great little hill right by the parking lot. Emma had so much fun! She kept wanting to go down again and again.

Christmas Day

This took me forever to get this post up. For some reason my computer wouldn't let me get all these pictures downloaded without complications. But now we have finally gotten to Christmas Day!
We set out cookies and milk for Santa, when we got up there was crumbs left and most of the milk was gone. In return Santa left Emma a new kitchen, food, shopping cart, and dishes for her kitchen!
She loved it so much! She didn't even want to finish opening presents, she just wanted to play with her Kitchen.

 She also got this new snow suit, gloves, and beanie

So she had to go test out her new snow suit while daddy shoveled snow.

Later that night Daddy put her Big Wheel together that she got from Grandma Jackie


Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve was a crazy busy day. To top it all off I couldn't sleep from about 2:30am on :s We had our Dr. appt that morning, then we headed off to Brigham early cause Brock had some things he wanted to get done up there. So Emma and I hung out at Mugga and Pappas so Emma could try to have a nap (of course there was no luck on a busy day) Then we headed over to Brock's Grandma's house so Emma could open the presents from Great Grandma Jackie. Then we headed back to Mugga and Pappas to have our Party.
 Emma opening up her presents from Grandma Jackie

 Kris had this AWESOME idea to have everyone paint/decorate ornaments for her tree. So each person had their first inital of their name. They got to paint them and decorate them with glitter. I will be doing that for our tree next year :) So here we are painting and decorating.

 Santa hadn't even come yet and Emma had a mountian of presents from Mugga and Pappa and Aunts and Uncles. She is so lucky to have so many people that love her.

After she opened presents we played some fun games to get treats and prizes!


Appointment #3

Christmas Eve was the much anticipated, and hopeful, gender reveal appointment. And the baby is a GIRL!!
At least that is what we think for now. Brock and I are a little skeptical. We both though we saw something between the legs, but the Dr said he's 97% sure its a Girl. We have the Target Ultrasound at the next appointment. But as for now we think we will name her:
Alexis "Lexi" Marie Petersen
Alexis is Brock's most favorite name, if he had his way that would have been Emma's name. We decided we wanted a middle name from my side, Marie is my Grammie's name. She was moving quite a lot this time too, which is so fun to see on the screen. Her hands were by her mouth, it almost looked like she was sucking her fingers. (A habit we'll need to break when she comes out)

Sugar Cookies for Santa

We made some sugar cookies for Santa. Daddy decided to start a flour fight. It was everywhere! Hence the following pictures. Emma thought it was the funniest thing she's ever done. She got daddy just as much as he got her, if not more.

 Eating cookie dough.....just like mommy :)

 Cutting shaped

 Decorating with icing. She really liked this part.

 Our finished products