Brock's favorite Winter Past-time!

This kid is so funny. When it first snowed really enough for him to plow he would call or text me from work and ask if anyone has plowed our driveway yet. He would tell me to start throwing snowballs if anyone tried to do his job. He would do our driveway, his parents, my parents, and any neighbors that had not yet done it and if he was really ambitious he would go do our church. He is so funny, I just love that guy!!

Christmas at the Haworth's

This was christmas at my mom and dad's house. We did christmas the day after cause Allie, Justin's girl-friend, flew in that day. Brock got tools and a car calendar, I got more cricut cartridges and jewelery and a calendar. We got an emergency kit together. It was fun we had ham and potatoes for dinner and we played the Office game my parents got.

Merry Christmas!!

Well I hope this christmas was as lovely for everyone else as it was for us. We spent Christmas Eve at Brock's Grandma's house for a family dinner, then we spent the night at Rod and Kris' house for christmas day. We opened presents together with Rod, Kris, BJ, Zoey, and Tyler. We had the traditional flat pancakes for breakfast and ham and turkey for dinne. Brock for Christmas got Dirty Jobs TV show seasons 1, 2, and 3. He got a new watch that he chose to wear way before christmas, but those of you who know us know that we don't mind doing things backwards like that. He also got Cletic Women cd's and dvd's. He saw them once on PBS and has been wanting them ever since. (I don't mind, I like that kind of stuff) He also got a new wedding ring for christmas, his was umm... a litttle..... worn out. He got a lot of camping gear from his parents which is hopefully going to be very usefull this summer. I got 5 new cricut cartridges for my cricut machine. (for those of you who don't know what that is, its a machine that cuts out die cuts from paper, fabric, vinyl, and thing like that. I got it last year for christmas and i LOVE it.) I also got a new watch and LOTS of clothes which i LoVe!! I did get some vinyl to cut in my machine too. All kinds of stuff. I know, I know...We are spoiled children!! These are just some pictures of our Christmas with the Petersens.