New Info!!

Hey all! For those of you who don't know Brock and I are expecting out first baby in late September. I was going to wait until after our first appointment to do more of an announcement but all the 3 prople who check our blog already know from my facebook. But as for now our prospective due date is September 25 which is kinda cool. I am not one who would have wanted a late summer baby but sometimes these things are out of our hands. It seems the Lord thought it was time for us to be parents. We are so thrilled to be parents, for those of you who know how Brock feels about this particular subject, he wasn't quite ready. He is way excited about it now!! He has been so helpful, the last couple of weeks I have had nausea pretty much all day every day and he is so sweet and considerate about how I am feeling. Plus we are going to be moving in with his parents for up to a year to help us make a better start for this little angel, so that has been interesting where Brock is in an EMT class that takes up his Thurdsay nights and Saturdays. So we are trying to do as much packing and we can on the weeknights so we can move stuff to our storage bay on Saturdays after he gets done with class. Anyway I will giva a better update after our first appointment on Feb 20th. Maybe even an ultrasound our two!!