Baby Brooklyn's Blessing

Our good friends Dustin and Echo Yates blessed their beautiful baby Brooklyn Dawn Yates on Sunday. Brock got the opportunity to stand in the blessing circle. Dustin did an amazing job. He's such a cute daddy.

Elmer, Dustin, Brooklyn, Echo and Debbie Yates. (Dustin's Parents)

Recent Misc.

Brock's Birthday Cakes

Playin dress-up and dancing with Daddy


Grandma Petersen's Christmas Party

We went to Grandma Petersen's Christmas party and we played more Minute To Win It games.

Tyler, BJ, and Brock had to eat an oreo and drink a full glass of milk. The first one won.
That was BJ.

Kelsey(Brock's cousin's daughter) , Zoey, and I had to write Santa a letter on top of our heads. It had to include "Dear Santa for Christmas I want..." then we had to make a list of 4 things we wanted and sign our names. Zoey won.

Emma got a 4-Wheeler from Grandma P

Emma and Great-Grandma Petersen

Christmas Morning

Emma opening her volleyball

Emma's musical instruments

Daddy's clothes and new glasses

Mommy with her Letters to Juliet

Then of course, Daddy went overboard as usual and got Mommy a laptop. :)
Also we got us some new bedding for Christmas. This was supposed to be our big gift to each othe. It looks a lot prettier in person than it does in this picture.

Christmas Eve

We had a fun party on Christmas Eve at the Petersens. We had YUMMY Cheeseburger Soup and then we played "Minute to Win It" games. That was tons of fun! Whenever we won a game we got to pick a present from under the tree. Some were guy gifts and some were girl gifts and some were for either. Emma had her own stash of presents under there too that she got to open through the night.

Reindeer antlers

Movies: The Great Mouse Detective, Beauty and the Beast, and Santa Pups the Search for Santa Paws.

Emma and Papa

Zoey doing a minute to win it game. It was a puzzle where all the pieces were cut in a rectangle. It is actually harder than it sounds.

The Start of Christmas

We started our Petersen Christmas with a trip on the frontrunner to Temple Square and dinner at Tucano's.

Emma and "Zowa" (that's what Emma calls Zoey) on the frontrunner train

Kris, Rod, and BJ

Riding on Trax to Temple Square. I promise we were having fun, Zoey didn't know I was taking the picture. :)

Our Little Family in front of the Salt Lake Temple

Brock and Emma at the Nativity scene