Life with 2 kiddos

Things here have been busy yet boring if there is such a thing. Getting used to 2 kids is definitely a challenge, especially in the evening being alone for shower and bed time.  But we have been pretty boring around here.
Lexi on our first day home.
 Emma came home on Sunday after we had Lexi
 Here are my girls posing in the same towel. Top one is Emma (10/2009) and Lexi (5/2013) is below.
 Sweet Sisters
 One day Emma was napping so we thought it would be fun to slip Lexi in her bed with her :)
 Brock's Fathers Day. He got a Daddy book, an Old Navy gift card, and this fun candy card.
"American Sweeties" 4th of July
 We went to a friends house to get Emma's hair cut and she ended up getting soaked with her boy friends
 Its so hard to get a decent pic of Lexi wide awake and holding still, but I got one.
The Girls ready for church. 
 Emma's "Lady Gaga Hair Bow"
 Silly Monkeys
 Emma drew a picture of Grandma Shelly
 and Grandpa Randy
 Lexi talking to Grandma on Skype
Wow. Lots of pictures! You know I never wanted a sister myself, but I am sure glad Emma has one. She loves her baby sis so much.