What a weekend!!

We just got home from helping my parents move to Litchfield Park, AZ. It is a suburb of Phoenix. My dad has been relocated for work. We weren't going to go down but when my parents needed another UHAUL tailer we hooked it to our truck and off we went. Luckily Brock had this Friday off. We left Perry around 4:30 pm on friday and drove to just north of Las Vegas and took a snooze there from about 1:15-4 am then we were on our way again. We arrived to their house around 9:00am (pacific time) and unloaded their stuff and then Brock and I headed back home at about 3:30pm. We spent the night in St George and headed home the next morning. What a crazy weekend! But here is a picture of my parents new house. It is so cute!

3 beds 2 baths and a POOL!


Lazy Days of Summer!

I absolutely LOVE being a stay home mommy! Here are some random pics of our lazy days.

What a precious "Cheezy" smile Emma has

This is what we call a kiss with Hands

She loves playing with her old headbands, she like to wear them for fun but I can't for the life of me get her to wear one to go with her outfit.

Oh Boy! Terrible Twos here we come, she had just thrown a fit and daddy took a picture of her crying, he was laughing at her cause I'm sure what she was throwing a fit over was completely rediculous as usual.

Our CUTE little friend Brooklyn was paying at our house for a few days while her mommy was at work, she is in the stages of trying to crawl.

Also at the Zoo!

So while at the Zoo Rebecca and I came across the SUPER HUNKY GUY!! The one and only David Boreanaz from the TV shows Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel!! We both LOVE him and were way star struck! Rebecca told me that we should go and talk to him and maybe see if he would take a picture with us but I was scared out of my mind and totally in AWE But then I thought he is here with his family, he probably doesn't want to be bugged. So in passing one time Rebecca told him that She loved his shows and his work and he was very kind and said " Thank you so much, that is very kind." I am im LOVE!! <3 All we kept thinking was why on Earth would someone like him come to the Utah Hogle Zoo, and after some online searching Rebecca found out that his wife is actually from the West Jordan area. The first picture is one I got off the Internet and the following are ones we took of him. Yeah we were kinda Stalking him. But with looks like that who wouldn't want to right?

The Zoo ( Again :) )

Yep Emma and I went to the Zoo again. We just can't get enough of that place! Also Aunt Rebecca wanted to sepend some quality with Emma.

Father's Day @ Boondocks in Kaysville

When I was little and still living in California, my Mom and my Grammie would plan a surprise Father's Day date for my Dad and my Grandpa. This year my Mom thought we should continue the tradition. So we planned to take Brock and my Dad to Boondocks in Kaysville. For those who haven't been there or know what it is, it is a place that has an arcade, bumper boats, race car tracks, batting cages, bowling, and miniature golf. We bought passes to do all of it. It was so much fun and then we went to Cafe Rio (YUMMY!) to have dinner.