Santa Monica Pier

The day we decied to go to the beach it was rediculously windy and cold. But still smelled good and looked wonderful!



It is a Haworth tradition to go to the Zoo in April. So my grandparents got to take their Great-Granddaughter to the zoo while we were there.

Emma petting the sheep

Orangey-pink flamingos

Pink flamingos fighting. One guy was picking a fight with like 3 other flamingos

This bird was so pretty. I actually touched it, it was so close! Grandpa got in the shot at the right time and even cracked a smile. :)

The Hippo comng up for air

Not sure what kind of goat/sheep this is but it was cool.

Baby Elephant playing in the waterfall

A family of Giraffes

Lazy King Lion

Lazy Princess Emma

Cuddely Gorillas


Sleepy Koala in his tree

Morro Bay and Grandma Mary

Grandma & Emma at the park by the Bay

Mommy & Emma in front of Morro Rock

Emma on a Dolphin

Great-Grandma Mary, Me, Dad, Emma, & Mom
in front of Morro Rock

We saw like 4 seals in the bay

This guy was so cute, just sitting with his head above water

soaking in the sun. It was a beautiful day there.

The Arrival

Starting off in Barstow at our favorite lunch stop Tommy's

Playing fetch with Houston

Spending time with Grandpa-Great (aka: The Chief)

Our California Adventure

Emma and I got a chance to go to California with my parents over my mom's spring break. It was so much fun. Especially since while we were down there my dad was offered a promotion and they will be moving to Phoenix, AZ in a couple of months. So this was a good time for my parents to get to spend some quality time with Emma. My grandparents knew my mom and dad were coming but we thought it would be fun to surprise them with Emma and me coming too. So we showed up at their front door, they were so surprised!