Family Pictures

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my parents wanted family picures for their christmas cards this year. We took these the Boise train station. Poor Justin got to be in the middle of all of the pics. It was cold but fun!! Not to bad for having taken them using our camera timers, I think dad and Brock lost about 10 pounds running back and forth. ;)


Twilight Mania!!

Ok for those of you who are total "Twilighters" like me, and love these books more than anything ever printed...I am STOAKED to be going to the movie tonight!! Brock was kind enough to go along with me... isn't he sweet. He says he might as well go and see what the competition looks like (Edward). All of those who are going to see it or have seen it. ENJOY!!



This is our new vehicle. If you can't tell it's a 1998 toyota 4runner. We LOVE it. We sold Brock's Escort. We were looking of something 4-wheel drive that we could take camping or for me to drive over the canyon on snowy days.


Change of Heart

We have had a change of heart when it comes to Brock's career. After a lot of thought and prayer, Brock has decided that school is not for him right now and he has found a more meaningful calling for his career. He has decided that he is going to persue either Utah Highway Patrol or be a full-time fire fighter. He loves helping people in need. So he will be doing firefighter II classes and EMT-Basic classes. We are so excited about this decision!! I have always looked up to him for being the way he is with the passion and excitement of the fire dept. he is on now and to do it for a full time job would be awesome!! So possibly in the near future we may move to another Utah location. We will keep you posted.


We are so Boring!!

So here i am reading my friends blogs and they have so much going on in their lives and what do we have?? Well i go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to bed and start over again. Brock is attending school and working. And that is IT!! But Brock has changed his major from Computer Science to Business Administration. His explanation is he likes to boss people around and he is good at it. Which is true. He can manage situations pretty well. He can see a problem and figure out how to fix it. Well sorry we have no new news for you guys. Maybe i will change the background just for something new!!


Brock's First Grade!!

Well this is kinda silly to post about but Brock has finished his first class which was Psych. 101 and he recieved and A out of it. I am so proud of him. Anyone who knows him knows that he has been dreading to go back to school since he left high school. Now with his first class behind him he can move onto the next one which is basic networking 103. He has been in this class for almost 3 weeks and he has had some struggles but the He-Man that he is, he overcame them. I could not be more proud of him going back to school. (moment to wipe a tear) :p.


Brock and Court on the gondola going up to the top of the mountain in Teton Village

Brock on the alpine slide

Fourth of July

We are kind of back tracking a little but these are picures from our trip to Jackson Hole, Wy for the fourth of July. We had so much fun. We went to see the Bar J Wranglers and ate their Chuckwagon dinner. They were hilarious. We watched the fireworks from the park there. And of course we shopped. We also went to Teton Village and rode the Gondola up to the ski lodge there. Then we went back to Jackson and rode the Alpine slide. It was Court's first time on the slide. We really enjoyed ourselves. We stayed at the Rustic Inn at Jackson Hole. That may have been our first and last time staying there. We had quite a few interesting interruptions while there. First the cleaning ladies would come at 8:00 a.m. and knock on the door, come to find out that we were supposed to have a "do not disturb" sign to place outside but our room did not come with one. The one morning we wanted to call to the front desk to see when breakfast ended and out phone in the room did not work, and when it did it rang at 3:00 in the morning for one reason or another. Maybe the front desk was supposed to send a wake-up call to another room and dialed ours instead. Who knows?? And last but not least, the people next to us, their door would squeek when they would come in and out, and they would come in and out a lot! At about 7:30 every morning. Now don't get me wrong, we really did have a fun trip. It was just ironic some of the things that had happened while staying there. Plus it was a new hotel, probably still working out the kinks. Anyways, here are some more picures.

First Day of School!!

Well Brock started school on Augutst 4. This is his "First week of school" picutre. He has had a good first and second week. His first class is half way over. Each class only lasts four weeks. Isn't he so cute!!


May in Mesquite

Ok my co-workers will be not happy with this entry but it was the funnest weekend i have ever spent without Brock. We went as a department down to Mesquite, NV. We stayed in these condos that had this private pool. We soaked up the sun, we gambled, and some of us ate our body weight in crab legs. We have all decided to make this an annual trip. The gals taught me how to gamble at the black jack tables. All of us that played came out ahead, the least was $30 ahead and the most was $80 ahead.

February 08

Justin came home from serving faithfully in Montreal, Canada. His flight came in at like 10:49 at night. Those present when he came home were Mom, Dad, Brock, and I, my aunt Karen and her Boys, my cousins Blake and Lacey. It was a very happy/emotional homecoming. The next couple of days our family from Boise came to visit.

Christmas 2007

For Christmas we were in California with the Haworth side.
It was way fun. We stayed at Grammie and Grandpa's house.
We went to a Christmas party at WD and Christine's house where Brock and I met Zacky for the first time. Boy is he cute. We also went to Ventura and walked along the beach. The temperature was 71 degrees!! Brock and I were ready to move there with weather like that.

What we are up to

Well so far this year has been pretty uneventful. But here are the things that have happened.