Baby's First Easter

Well its kinda Baby's first easter. This is the haul this little one made off with this year and it's not even here yet. I can't wait to see what next year brings!! From the Petersen Easter Bunny we got a basket with a bear, white onsies (we are antisipating diaper issues early), baby bathroom kit with clippers, toothbrush, medicine droppers, etc and travel size baby wash supplies. From the Haworth Easter Bunny we got a shovel and bucket in anticipation of using it at the beach next summer with a rattle, binkies and a way cool toy ball with a monkey on top. Other way good news is that Brock is done with his EMT-Basic class. He got the second highest score in the class on his written test, and on his skills (practicals) test he was the second to last person to perform and his instructor told him he had the best set of skills he had seen all day and he gave Brock a "SUPERB" notation. He just has to take the state skills test on April 25 and before that he will schedule and take his state written test which he will pass with flying colors!! Peanut and I are so proud of Daddy!!