Peach Days 2012

Ahhh, Peach days. It was this weekend 10 years ago that Brock and I were "spying" on each other at the car show because both of us were too shy to talk to the other. This year we went up on friday night, Brock had to work on Saturday :( , and watched the kids parade and honestly I may watch that one from now on it so much shorter. We go for the fire trucks and thats about it. But after that we walked to booths and waited for Tyler, Rebecca, Rod and Kris to show up and we had some dinner, then Rod bought Emma tickets to ride the rides and we did that for about and hour and a half. She LOVED it!

At the parade

Emma and Pappa on the Merry-go-round

On the Ferris Wheel

On a Dragon Ride

On the "Monster Trucks" *Sorry its a little fuzzy.

Summer 2012

*Warning Picture Overload*

We have had a fun summer.

Emma's water toys

Sitting like Daddy
*Northern Utah Parade of Homes. We were hoping to go and find some fun ideas for our house, and boy did we ever.
Silly Mirror
Emma taking pictures
Cute Bedroom paint idea
This is a Bathtub!!
Very fun chandelier
*Emma's first bee sting-On the 4th of July no less :(
Stinger from her finger :(
*This Girl LOVES the dirt. We get this at least once a week. A cute dirty face.

Brock and Emma on the 4wheeler, she wanted to ride it about 10 times a day
Digging with Uncle Jerry. She took to him right away. Everything she wanted to say, she would direct to him. "Uncle Jerry, that's the 4wheeler" "Uncle Jerry, you scoop(dig) with me?" etc.
Helping Pappa burn the trash.
*You might be a redneck if......*
.....you strap your child's carseat to the front of the 4wheeler so she is safe. And believe me that thing wasn't going anywhere. ~He only rode with her around the campground like this~
She loved it. She kept wanting to go again and again.